Dallas Faraday

Dallas Faraday

Dallas Faraday

CEO and founder of Faraday Technologies, Lunara, and the Dream City project.

Dallas Faraday (he/him)

Often seen as an unpredictable leader who flourished by following his intuition, Dallas Faraday started his infamous moon mining company, Lunara, with the bulk of the fortune he made through trading crypto. As with many of his business decisions that seemed destined for failure at the time, critics and supporters alike were left to wonder how he could have predicted Lunara’s eventual discovery -- that the Moon contained hidden deposits of silicon.  

But even this momentous news was unknown when he gave his fateful interview to Tess Logan and found the perfect location for Dream City, an idea he seemingly had during the interview.  The video of the pair driving through the desolate landscape of former Fresno racked up billions of views. The public loved and loved to mock the eccentric, robe-wearing tech mogul and his crazy idea to build ships in the middle of nowhere.

Months after the interview, Lunara announced they had found enough silicon to power all the solar cells, batteries, and computers needed to slow the ecological collapse taking place on earth.  These deposits, located only inches below the surface of several unremarkable craters, had avoided detection for centuries, and allowed Faraday to become the world’s first Trillionaire and see his Dream City break ground.

Tragically, Faraday suffered a massive heart attack just weeks from the completion of the sixth, and final, TRIP.  While it would be years until the ships were ready to launch, Dallas had planned to move into the penthouse of the newly built ship.

The story of Faraday Technologies, Dream City, and Faraday’s unexpected death, have long caused comparisons to be drawn between Faraday and Walt Disney.

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March 29, 2022