Welcome to Dream City

Dream city is a gigacity filled with underground gangs, corporate spies, and everything in-between. If you can hack it here, your wildest dreams are possible.

So you wanna join a gang? This is where most start. Young, vast numbers, and ruthless. They're not to be trusted. An Orphan of Dream City is the type of person that would steal anything that's not nailed down.

Most of The Orphans go on to be normal citizens of Dream City if they aren't arrested or killed. The talented among the group begin their life of crime and graduate to more formidable gangs.

Will you join them or cut through their ranks?

// The Roadmap

Pre-Launch 0.1

Setup Social and Discord
Community Building
Season & Lore Planning

Create Website
Contact Secondary Marketplaces

Phase 1.0

Minting // The Orphans
Continue Lore Drops

Update Website
Sell on Secondary Marketplaces

We're super excited to be sharing our project with you. However, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves right now. Our team is huge nerds about cyberpunk in all formats comics, video games, TTRPGs, you know, all the typical nerd stuff. We currently don't have the experience to commit to a game or TTRPG. We would love to promise that, but we believe in being transparent about what we're capable of delivering. Throughout the project, we'll be revisiting the Road Map and making updates to it as the project, team, and community grow.

// Our Team

Founder / Art / Design / Dev
Brandon Mullins
Core - Community Engagement
Matt Cook
Core - Lore Master
Michelle Amos
Contributor - Research / Advisor
Carl DeCaire

Our team is a small group of friends that have known each other in real life for over a decade (in some cases longer). We love creativity and are excited about the NFT space for exploring that creativity.

// FAQs

What is Dream City?

Dream City is an NFT brand powered by the Solana blockchain.

When is the sale/drop date?

Currently we’re hard at work getting everything running. Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to be up-to-date on all information.

How many traits in Dream City?

The first edition of The Orphans will contain over 100 traits such as masks, tattoos, eyes, clothing, and more.

When will the full website launch?

Official launch will be posted on Twitter and Discord as we continue to build out Dream City.

How can I reach the team?

Most suggestions can be dropped in Discord under “Ideas and Feedback”. For other inquiry DM on Twitter.

How to buy a Dream City NFT?

Official launch details will be provided through this website, Twitter, and Discord.

Will there be an aftermarket?


How much is an Orphan?


Where can I see my purchases?

You can view them directly within Phantom wallet’s Collectible tab.

How do I create a Phantom Wallet?

Go to phantom.app, download the Phantom Wallet extension. Once installed run the program to create a new wallet.

What blockchain does Dream City utilize?

Dream City will be exclusive to the Solana Blockchain.

Where is the digital artwork stored?

The digital art will be stored on Arweave, a decentralized data storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to truly store data forever.

Will there be resale royalties?

Yes, the right percentage is being determined.

Will you be giving to charity?

Yes, we’re currently going through the selection process with the team. Details will come soon.